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Speed Up & Protect Your FireTV & Android Devices



Test your internet speed and toubleshoot connectivity issues.

Geolocation Check

Check your visible location on the internet.

VPN Check

Make sure that your VPN is working with our privacy test.

Virus Scanner

Scan your device for malware and other harmful files.

System Cleaner

Speed Up your device by deleting junk files.

System Shortcuts

Access various settings with just one click.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is DefSquid?

DefSquid is an all-in-one app which combines several useful tools. It has an integrated speedtest, virus scanner, system cleaner and much more.

Is DefSquid Free?

Yes, DefSquid is free and you don't need to pay anything for it.

Which Devices Are Supported?

Right now, DefSquid is available for the FireTV/FireTV Stick and Android devices in general.

How Can I Install DefSquid?

We have written several guides on how to install and unlock DefSquid. You will get your DefSquid unlock code and all the setup guides by email, after you subscribe to our newsletter.

Why I Need A DefSquid Code?

You need a free DefSquid unlock code to get access to all DefSquid features. We made this because we saw some people are trying to sell DefSquid although it's free.

How Many Devices Can Be Registered?

You can use your personal DefSquid unlock code on up to ten devices.

Is DefSquid available for Windows/Mac/iOS?

For now, our main priority is to make DefSquid better for the FireTV/FireTV Stick and Android phones. So right now, there are no plans to release DefSquid for other platforms.

I Found A Bug, How Can I Contact You?

Please shoot us an email to [email protected]

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Makes keeping my firestick running smooth.

John L. - Amazon App Store Review

This product is the one and only one for app management you will ever need...end of story!

Joe N. - Amazon App Store Review

This is possibly one of best apps that I have used. It let's you know that you're vpn is working also it cleaned my device and speeds up the device. You have the options to check for any viruses plus it stops apps running in the background. Just brilliant.

Alan L. - Amazon App Store Review

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